Tips for Financial Services: Keeping Agency Relationships Fresh


Every marketing agency likes a challenge – but not if that challenge happens to be the client relationship.

This is a problem in B2B financial services, I find, more so than with other sectors. Not all marketers have the experience to get their heads fully wrapped around complicated financial products, laws and regulations – and not all clients are great at explaining them. Long sales cycles, meanwhile, place creative assets under close scrutiny, whilst account-based marketing tests the ability of the agency to continually reform creative concepts for different targets.

All this considered, there are a few pointers which every financial services client ought to follow in order to get the most out of their agency.

Lay the Foundations

Many clients think a simple phone call or short briefing document is enough to inspire great thinking and work.  It’s not.

The truth is that agencies like to do their homework before they get started. If you make sure they fully understand the specifics of your product, your industry, your targets and your sales process, you’ll be more likely to receive the thoughtful and considered strategic insights that will be key to success.

Consider inviting your agency to interview your sales and management teams, or to sit in on internal marketing discussions. This will help them to achieve an acute understanding of how the product or service will be sold in the field.

I recognize that this is a larger investment in time for the client, but it’s one that will pay dividends down the road.

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